What is an EORI number?


What is an EORI number?

Registration and identification number of economic partners (EORI number) is the European Union identification number for companies that import or export goods to or from the European Union. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number. It was regulated in 2009 by a Regulation of the Commission of the European Union in order to strengthen the security of goods crossing the external border of the Community.

Every company or individual resident in the EU must obtain an EORI number from their national customs authority before starting customs activities in the EU. The EORI number is necessary for all companies from EU contries, as well as for non-EU countries.

An economic operator established outside the EU must be assigned an EORI number if he intends to lodge a customs declaration. Authorized economic operators in particular should have an EORI number. EORI numbers can be checked on the European Commission’s website. It is necessary to enter the EORI number and check if it is valid.

How to register for an EORI number in Serbia?

This number is formed by the code of the country of Serbia and a unique code number, then a VAT number.

Business entities registered outside the territory of the EU will be registered by the competent authorities of the EU Member States when they submit a request for customs clearance for the first time after the set date. The EORI number is a unique number, and a request for obtaining it can be submitted only in one of the EU member states.

Company documents must be submitted for verification and acceptance. Among the documents required for the EORI application are the statute, the founding list, the VAT certificate, but it is possible that some special application forms may be required. The registration of an EORI number can be done online with the help of e-customs systems.

From 1 July 2009, the EORI number must be entered in customs declarations.

šta je eori broj

If the economic operator, who is not registered in the customs territory of the European Union, does not have an EORI number, he shall be registered by the customs authorities or another designated authority of the Member State in which he first performs one of the following:

– Submit in the European Union a summary declaration or a declaration other than a customs declaration (made in accordance with Articles 225 to 238 of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93) or a customs declaration for the temporary importation procedure;
– Manages temporary accommodation in accordance with Article 185 (1) of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93. 2454/93; g) apply for an authorization in accordance with Article 324a or 372 of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93. 2454/93;
– Requests a certificate from an authorized economic operator in accordance with Article 14a of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93. 2454/93.

Once assigned an EORI number, economic operators and other persons use it in any communication with the customs services of the EU countries.

Member States shall regularly enter data on economic operators and other persons into the Central System, whenever new EORI numbers are assigned or whenever data already entered is changed.

The registration process can take several days. Interested persons who intend to conduct customs business in the European Union, must submit a request for the assignment of an EORI number in advance, in the Member Country of the European Union in which they intend to perform their first customs clearance. Once they receive that number, they do not need to re-register in another Member Country.


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