What is JCI form?


What is JCI form?


Unified customs document (JCI) is a prescribed form and is used as a written customs declaration. The JCI is submitted in as many sets as necessary for the implementation of the regulations for the customs procedure in which the goods are placed. The JCI set consists of:
– sets of 8 sheets or
– dual-purpose set of 5 sheets.

Documents in the customs procedure

The declaration form may be supplemented by one or more JCI BIS forms submitted in a set containing the sheets required for the conduct of the customs procedure.

For a particular customs procedure or combination of customs procedures, partial sets of JCI and JCI BIS may be used, consisting of the sheets required to carry out the corresponding procedure.

The fields, parts of a JCI document, are bordered and marked with a name, number or capital letters. The fields are filled in the manner prescribed in the Rulebook on Forms for the Application of the Customs Law, and the codes entered in individual fields are contained in the Rulebook of Codes for Filling Documents in the Customs Procedure as well as additional rules provided by other regulations. The JCI BIS form is used if more than one type of goods is declared or if goods classified in more than one tariff code are declared. The JCI BIS form is an integral part of the JCI to which it relates.


It is important to note that after paying the customs invoice, taking over the goods and documentation, the goods and documents should be checked in detail. JCI and other documents are filled in by the freight forwarder and controlled by customs officers, but since subsequent inspection control is possible for the next 5 years, it is extremely important that no mistakes are made while filling them.


JCI and sending packages abroad

When sending a package abroad, depending on the further purpose and the type of goods you want to send, there are different customs procedures, as well as post offices where you can submit fees and documents that need to be attached. Depending on the contents and the customs procedure, there are several ways to send the package.

If you are a legal entity, in the package you send abroad, you can send samples and advertising material, as well as goods of a commercial nature.

If you send your shipment by mail, depending on the way you choose to perform the customs procedure, you can hand over the package in several ways:

– by handing over packages with “JCI form”, before the customs procedure – packages containing goods of commercial character (goods intended for further sale) are handed over with the “JCI form” for the purpose of conducting the customs procedure, exclusively in customs offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš .

– by handing over packages without a JCI form, before the customs procedure – all legal entities are enabled to hand over the packages in all post offices, through the postal forwarding. These shipments are accompanied by the above documentation for performing the customs procedure in export, depending on the contents of the package.

– by handing over consignments after the completed customs procedure – packages for which the customs procedure has been performed, can be handed over in all post offices, on the same day after the completed procedure, with the “JCI form”.


“General Transport” is at your disposal if you need assistance in obtaining and completing documentation related to freight forwarding and foreign trade, as well as documents used in customs procedures (JCI, JCI-BIS, DCV, SD, EUR-1, CMR, etc.), quickly and efficiently, all in order to improve the quality of your business. Contact our team and we will be happy to introduce you to the entire process!

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