What types of transportation are there and how to choose




Transportation types: Transport by road, Transport by train, Transport by air, Transport by water.


Transport is the link that connects the seller with the buyer. Every type of transport of goods has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, it is important to choose the best option or combination of transport.

Transport by road

vrste transporta - Drumski transport

Transport by road is the most widespread and most flexible mode of transport of goods.

It is provided by cars (with or without a trailer), vans, trailers, trucks and refrigerated trucks.

Advantages of transport by road:

– Saves time and money,
Detailed road networks and the possibility of door-to-door delivery of goods,
Flexibility to change location, speed and direction of movement,
There are a number of specialized means of transport for the transportation of all types of goods.

Disadvantages of transport by road:

This mode of transport is not suitable for very long distances,
Smaller capacities of cargo space,
Road conditions and weather have an impact on transport.


Transport by train

vrste transporta - Železnički transport

Transport by train is considered the most cost-effective and most efficient transportation of goods to more distant destinations.

Advantages of transport by train:

Low prices,
Easy and fast transportation of all kinds of goods of different dimensions,
High precision in timing of transport,
Ability to transport large quantities of goods at once.

Disadvantages of transport by train:

Railways often do not cover the required destinations, especially in remote regions,
Extra costs for transporting of goods to and from the railways,
Mechanical failure can cause much greater delays and therefore higher transportation costs.

Transport by air

vrste transporta - Vazdušni transport

Transport by air is ideal for long distances. It is more used for the transport of passengers and less for the transport of goods.

Advantages of transport by air:

Saves transportation time and is ideal for long distances,
Provides a high level of security for sensitive goods,
It plays a significant role in the transportation of money, valuables and specialty products.

Disadvantages of transport by air:

High transportation costs and high fees,
Flights are subject to delays and cancellations, depending on weather conditions,
This mode of transport is not suitable for all types of goods,
Extra costs for transporting goods to and from the airport.

Transport by water

vrste transporta - Vodeni transport

Transport by water is divided into sea transport, river transport and lake transport. This type of freight transport accounts for almost 90% of total world freight transport. Large ships connect all parts of the world and the goods are transported mainly in containers.

Advantages of transport by water:

Cheapest transportation to the farthest destinations,
Ability to deliver large quantities of goods at low cost,
Freight containers can be used for further transportation by road or train,
– There are no restrictions on the type and size of goods.

Disadvantages of transport by water:

Delivery is much slower than other transportation types,
Bad weather can cause additional delays in the delivery of goods,
It’s difficult to track the goods,
It is often necessary to carry additional transport of goods by land,
In addition to statutory compulsory insurance, additional insurance of goods is often required.

Combined transport

Combined freight transport is a combination of transport by road, by train, by air and by water in accordance with transport needs and conditions. This type of transport is quite complex and requires the help of professionals, who will take into account all your needs, the expected delivery time, and the amount of your budget.

How to choose the type of transport?

Transportation is a very complex system. Transportation of goods should pass as easily as possible, delivery times must be respected and the risk of damage or loss of goods must be minimized.

It is necessary to choose the right mode of transportation, to ensure the safest, most efficient and most economical transportation of goods.

First it is important to consider the type, size and quantity of goods to be distributed. For example, for transporting food, fruits or flowers, it is important to choose the fastest and shortest type of transport. Likewise, large pieces of goods, as well as large quantities of goods, will not be able to be transported by air.

Another important element is the cost of transportation. It depends on the choice of mode of transport, the value of the goods, the risk of transportation, the destination and the laws of the country of destination, as well as a number of other factors.

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