Our Fleet

Our Fleet

We currently have 20 new vehicles in our fleet. The Fiat Furgon (Box) van can load 5 Euro Pallets and up to 1300 kg, while the Renault Master tilt van can load 8 Euro Pallets and up to 1200 kg.

Fiat Furgon

Length: 3.8 m

Width: 1.7 m

Height: 2 m

Can load: 5 Euro Pallets and up to 1300 kg

Renault Master

Lenght: 4.1 m

Width: 2.2 m

Height: 2.3 m

Can load: 8 Euro Pallets and up to 1200 kg

Passenger vehicles

Our fleet has new Mercedes Sprinter mini-buses. They have comfortable, leather seats, as well as all the accompanying modern equipment such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, air conditioning, USB sockets and DVDs, microphone, seat chargers, luggage storage and more. The capacity of the vehicle is 20 passengers, plus the driver.

Mini Bus Mercedes Sprinter


Capacity: 20 + 1 (driver) 

Wi Fi, TV/DVD/Video  

Electric seat lifts

Tinted windows

Trip computer

Webasto heaters

Air conditioning


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We operate throughout Europe, and we usually organize transportation to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, then the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Hungary. We have regular imports and exports to and from Europe every week, so we can easily arrange transportation to your liking and needs.

Vans have less movement restrictions than trucks, both in populated areas and on open roads. Van transportation rates are more favorable than other road transportation, especially in the case of goods without reloading. The biggest advantage would be the delivery time of the goods and the possibility of direct shipments.

Solo transportation is the best option in case of transportation of sensitive goods with higher value. Your goods exclusively occupy the whole vehicle and are transported without reloading from one sender to one recipient. Also, it is characterized by faster delivery in relation to the collective transportation.

Several parameters affect the formation of prices: Type of goods, quantity, mileage, urgency of transportation as well as special requirements. In case of regular transportation of goods, a more favorable price is formed by agreement.

The calculation is made by how much the shipment takes meters of useful cargo space. One Euro Pallet has dimensions of 800x1200 mm and occupies approximately 0.4 long meters. Using this logic, we can then conclude that two pallets occupy 0.8 m, three pallets 1.2 m and so on.