Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

Forwarding services according to European standards and preparation of documentation

If you are importing or exporting goods, you know that quick and efficient customs clearance is a pillar of your business and that it must take place without unnecessary setbacks, which can eventually make you a serious problem. With General Transport, such scenarios will not happen - we can provide you with an unobstructed flow of goods in accordance with all regulations and with all the necessary documentation.

We cooperate with various companies in the field of freight forwarding from the territory of Belgrade and Novi Sad, but also from abroad. We have many years of experience in customs brokerage and combining our expertise with experience, we have put together a unique and complete customs brokerage service for you. With this, we have formed a full circle of transportation of your goods, from receipt to final destination, with minimal cost and complications.

With our help you can avoid long and complicated customs procedures. We will simplify this whole process as much as possible and ensure an unobstructed flow of goods. Each of our clients is a story for themselves and so we treat each client in a unique way.

Nowadays, it is important not to lose track of current market developments. You certainly do not want to deal with delaying goods or paying unexpected expenses at customs. General Transport can help you achieve your import-export potential, if you are a small or medium-sized company. We can easily provide you with freight forwarding services in cooperation with our business partners.

Customs Brokerage - by standards with no delays

Customs brokerage is carried out in a quality, fast and efficient manner, in accordance with European standards and regulations.

Many years of cooperation with the customs office in Novi Sad speaks volumes about the quality of our customs brokerage services. Our services begin with the receipt and confirmation of the disposition. We accept and confirm all necessary customs documentation - we also supply additional documentation (CMR, EUR, etc.) if needed.

We also offer the option of customs warehousing of goods - placement of goods in the customs warehouse. Also, we hire the necessary customs inspection services and we ensure the goods at the request of the customer. We declare the goods at the border and the shipment is custom cleared according to custom rates (import, export, temporary import, temporary export, re-export).

If you want to bring your business to a higher level, facilitate the flow of consignments at international border crossings or strengthen your foreign relations - we can help. Contact us at any time to hear our offer!

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We operate throughout Europe, and we usually organize transportation to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, then the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Hungary. We have regular imports and exports to and from Europe every week, so we can easily arrange transportation to your liking and needs.

Vans have less movement restrictions than trucks, both in populated areas and on open roads. Van transportation rates are more favorable than other road transportation, especially in the case of goods without reloading. The biggest advantage would be the delivery time of the goods and the possibility of direct shipments.

Solo transportation is the best option in case of transportation of sensitive goods with higher value. Your goods exclusively occupy the whole vehicle and are transported without reloading from one sender to one recipient. Also, it is characterized by faster delivery in relation to the collective transportation.

Several parameters affect the formation of prices: Type of goods, quantity, mileage, urgency of transportation as well as special requirements. In case of regular transportation of goods, a more favorable price is formed by agreement.

The calculation is made by how much the shipment takes meters of useful cargo space. One Euro Pallet has dimensions of 800x1200 mm and occupies approximately 0.4 long meters. Using this logic, we can then conclude that two pallets occupy 0.8 m, three pallets 1.2 m and so on.

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We have are own modern fleet of 20 new vehicles!