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Solo Transportation and 24h-Express Delivery Anywhere in Europe

Why do you need express delivery? The answer is simple - time is money! And that's a key rule for those who take their business seriously. Whether you are a promising startup, a small or medium-sized business that is slowly discovering its potential - time is your most important resource. That is why it is important to maintain your position in the market game and always remain competitive. You should not let any minor inconvenience slow down the pace of your work and the productivity of your team of experts.

The worst-case scenarios are something like this: you are missing out on goods or some important spare part, and you are running out of material. The market dictates trends and there is a growing demand for an efficient and effective stock, but companies often find themselves in a situation of lack of raw materials for regular production or immediate delivery to their customers.

This is a good time to contact General Transport. Although we do not use air transportation, we are quick to deliver everything by road. Express delivery is another specialty of ours!

We treat your goods carefully and professionally so that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. And, what's best, you'll always be able to keep track of where our vehicles are at any time.

All our vehicles are newer ones with GPS tracking installed. And of course, our customers only have words of praise for this system.

We can transport goods of any size and we can arrange everything according to your will and to your time.

We acknowledged the issue of time-critical shipments that companies have so we introduced a 24-hour shipment - express delivery across Europe. The secret of express shipments lies in the quality partnerships and business relationships we have been building for many years. We have a whole network of carriers that can quickly and easily find the perfect solution for your fast shipment. Our options are limited only by your imagination. We always have enough inspiration, resources and creativity, as well as a team of professionals.

Always be one step ahead of everyone with General Transport. Or more steps, depending on the urgency of the situation.


If you are already panicking, don't despair. Our team has been through these situations many times and we can only tell you - relax. You have nothing to worry about and the most stressful part you can leave to us. Take the first step and call the General Transport team.

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We operate throughout Europe, and we usually organize transportation to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, then the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Hungary. We have regular imports and exports to and from Europe every week, so we can easily arrange transportation to your liking and needs.

Vans have less movement restrictions than trucks, both in populated areas and on open roads. Van transportation rates are more favorable than other road transportation, especially in the case of goods without reloading. The biggest advantage would be the delivery time of the goods and the possibility of direct shipments.

Solo transportation is the best option in case of transportation of sensitive goods with higher value. Your goods exclusively occupy the whole vehicle and are transported without reloading from one sender to one recipient. Also, it is characterized by faster delivery in relation to the collective transportation.

Several parameters affect the formation of prices: Type of goods, quantity, mileage, urgency of transportation as well as special requirements. In case of regular transportation of goods, a more favorable price is formed by agreement.

The calculation is made by how much the shipment takes meters of useful cargo space. One Euro Pallet has dimensions of 800x1200 mm and occupies approximately 0.4 long meters. Using this logic, we can then conclude that two pallets occupy 0.8 m, three pallets 1.2 m and so on.

Our Fleet

We have are own modern fleet of 20 new vehicles!