Collective Transportation

Reliable Collective Transportation of Goods

Collective transportation is one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation on the market. Viewed in the long run and from a long-term financial point of view, collective transportation greatly saves your money, especially if you are constantly in communication with abroad. Shipments and goods of smaller dimensions are brought to your door thanks to collective transportation.

The secret is just the excellent organization and excellent knowledge of logistics. The favorable price of collective transportation dominates the other modes of international transportation. Everything is done quickly and efficiently - we process your requests promptly to offer you the best price and delivery time.

We collect shipments throughout the week and combine them in our regular tours. We deliver shipments door-to-door to make sure your shipment has arrived safely and is in the right hands.

We offer you the option of tracking where your goods are and everything can be checked in real time. Our fleet is equipped with the latest equipment and GPS tracking and we always look to improve our service.

Collective transportation of goods - what does the whole calculation look like?

The most important factors for calculating collective transportation are volume and weight of the cargo.

We currently have 20 vehicles in our fleet.

A Box Van can load 5 Euro Pallets and up to 1500 kg, while a Curtainside Van can load 8 Euro Pallets and up to 1500 kg.

The calculation is made by how much the shipment takes up to meters of useful cargo space.

One Euro Pallet has dimensions of 800x1200 mm and occupies approximately 0.4 long meters. Using this logic, we can conclude that two pallets occupy 0.8 m, three pallets 1.2 m and so on.


If you still have concerns, our team will explain this process to you in more detail.

What we are very proud of is flexibility and transparent business. You will certainly not have unpleasant surprises and sudden costs with us.

Our team will help you decide what is the best option for your cargo, give us a call!

Delivery time for collective transportation of goods

Delivery time is different than when it comes to solo transportation in which the entire cargo space in the vehicle is leased. However, in return, you have a significantly lower cost of transportation, and as we have previously noted - time is money.

Our clients opt for collective transportation services mostly in cases where the value of the goods is low, and the cost of transportation greatly affects the further sales value of the goods.

Every week we have regular departures from Serbia to Western Europe and vice versa. Most of the tours are organized for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, then the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Hungary. No matter the distance, our team will evaluate the best possible solution to get your goods to the desired destination as soon as possible.

See for yourself why this type of transportation is extremely popular. We deliver your cargo and goods across Europe. If you run a small or medium-sized business, you know that good logistics is crucial. Check the quality of our services and join our growing network of business partners.

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